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  • Theenclosure incorporates hardened adapters provides a cost-effective method of developing optical fiber at speeds significantly faster than the traditional field installations.

  • More important, it does not need hardened connector to match it. General drop cable could be connected through the filed connector.

  • Applicable for the FTTX project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.

  • IP67, suitable for outdoor.

Features & Benefits

  • Drop cable Plug-and-play, • No need to open the box when connecting thepre-connected drop cables • Separated splicing and distribution area • Faster cable routing and sealing module make installation efficient • IP67 protection level.


Applications: Empowering FTTX Projects with Speed and Versatility

1. Cost-Effective Optical Fiber Development:

The FAT-8XS, equipped with hardened adapters, presents a cost-effective solution for developing optical fiber at speeds significantly faster than traditional field installations. This innovative approach not only accelerates optical fiber development but also eliminates the need for specialized connectors, streamlining the deployment process.

2. FTTX Project Integration:

Tailored for FTTX projects, the FAT-8XS serves as a versatile solution providing mechanical protection for fiber management systems. With integrated functions of splicing, patching, and passive component integration, this enclosure is designed to meet the comprehensive demands of modern fiber optic networks.

3. IP67 Rating for Robust Outdoor Suitability:

Engineered with an IP67 rating, the FAT-8XS is suitable for outdoor installations. This robust protection ensures that the enclosure withstands harsh environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for diverse outdoor applications.

Features and Benefits: Redefining Connectivity Standards

1. Drop Cable Plug-and-Play:

The FAT-8XS introduces a plug-and-play system for drop cables, eliminating the need to open the box when connecting pre-connected drop cables. This streamlined approach simplifies the installation process, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing deployment time.

2. Separated Splicing and Distribution Area:

With a separated splicing and distribution area, the FAT-8XS optimizes cable routing efficiency. This design consideration enables faster and more organized fiber splicing and distribution, contributing to a seamless and well-organized network infrastructure.

3. Faster Cable Routing and Sealing Module:

The enclosure incorporates a faster cable routing and sealing module, further enhancing installation efficiency. This feature ensures a swift and secure cable routing process, minimizing downtime and optimizing network deployment.

4. Robust IP67 Protection Level:

With an IP67 protection level, the FAT-8XS guarantees robust protection against environmental elements. This comprehensive shielding extends to the entire enclosure, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the optical fiber network in outdoor settings.

Conclusion: FAT-8XS – A Catalyst for Seamless FTTX Connectivity

In the dynamic realm of fiber optics, the FAT-8XS Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure emerges as a catalyst for seamless FTTX connectivity. Its cost-effective optical fiber development, FTTX project integration, IP67 rating for outdoor suitability, and efficiency-driven features collectively position it as a top-tier solution for projects demanding elevated standards of connectivity and integration. Elevate your FTTX projects with the FAT-8XS – where efficiency meets the demands of a connected future.