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Optional Accessories for Customer:

  1. Grounding Device: Enhances electrical grounding for additional safety and protection.

  2. Inflating Valve: Provides an option for inflating, ensuring a secure and airtight seal for the closure.

  3. Wall-Mounted Kit: Facilitates the installation of the closure on walls, optimizing space utilization.

  4. Pole-Mounted Kit: Enables secure mounting of the closure on poles, offering flexibility in deployment scenarios.


GJS-D5032A Dome Type Fiber Access Terminal: Versatile Fiber Connectivity Solution

The GJS-D5032A Dome Type Fiber Access Terminal is a versatile and efficient solution for fiber connectivity. With its dome-type design, this access terminal provides a secure and accessible point for managing fiber optic connections. Additionally, it offers various accessories for customer options, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to different deployment scenarios.

Key Features and Accessories:

1. Dome Type Design:

  • The dome-type design of the GJS-D5032A ensures protection for fiber optic connections in diverse environments. Its compact and robust structure makes it suitable for various applications.

2. Versatile Connectivity:

  • The access terminal serves as a versatile connectivity solution, providing a secure point for managing and accessing fiber optic connections. It supports different fiber optic accessories and configurations.

3. Accessories for Customer Option:

  • The GJS-D5032A comes with optional accessories, allowing customers to tailor the terminal to their specific needs. These accessories enhance the terminal's functionality and adaptability in different installation scenarios.

4. Grounding Device:

  • The grounding device ensures proper grounding for the terminal, contributing to the overall safety and performance of the fiber optic network.

5. Inflating Valve:

  • The inflating valve is an optional accessory that may provide additional protection against environmental elements. It can be useful in scenarios where extra sealing is required.

6. Wall-Mounted Kit:

  • The wall-mounted kit is designed to facilitate the installation of the access terminal on walls. This option adds flexibility to deployment, especially in indoor or confined spaces.

7. Pole-Mounted Kit:

  • The pole-mounted kit is suitable for installations where the access terminal needs to be mounted on poles. This option is ideal for outdoor deployments in areas where pole mounting is preferable.

The GJS-D5032A Dome Type Fiber Access Terminal, with its versatile design and optional accessories, offers a reliable and customizable solution for managing fiber optic connections in various deployment scenarios. Whether mounted on walls or poles, this access terminal provides secure and accessible fiber connectivity.