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  • Provide the perfect solutions for the protection of fiber splice points from the environment.

  • Rated to IP 68, suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.

Features & Benefits  

  • Housing is made of high quality reinforced PP.

  • Good mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance..

  • Sealing tape for the cable ports security and sealing.

  • Sealing tape used between cover and base.

  • Big space for reserved cable storage.

  • T bolts ensure the sealing of the housing.


Application Excellence: Preserving Fiber Splice Points

1. Environmental Shielding:

The GJS-H2214 is meticulously designed to offer perfect solutions for shielding fiber splice points from environmental challenges. Its application extends to aerial installations, manholes, direct burial setups, and wall-mounted configurations, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive approach to fiber protection.

2. IP68 Rating for Unmatched Protection:

Rated to IP68, the GJS-H2214 stands as a formidable defense against environmental elements. Whether facing the challenges of the open air, the confinement of manholes, the unpredictability of direct burial, or the exposure of wall-mounted installations, this closure ensures the highest level of protection for your fiber connections.

Engineering Excellence: Crafted for Performance and Durability

1. High-Quality Reinforced PP Housing:

The GJS-H2214 sets itself apart with a housing crafted from high-quality reinforced PP (Polypropylene). This material not only ensures structural integrity but also provides a robust defense against mechanical stress, hydrolysis, and chemical exposure, guaranteeing durability in diverse conditions.

2. Sealing Tape Security for Cable Ports:

Security is paramount in fiber connectivity, and the GJS-H2214 addresses this with sealing tape for cable ports. This ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing environmental ingress and safeguarding the delicate fiber connections from external factors.

3. Cable Storage and Management:

The closure boasts ample space for reserved cable storage, providing a practical solution for managing excess cable length. This design consideration not only enhances organization but also minimizes strain on cables, contributing to the longevity of the entire fiber network.

4. T Bolts for Robust Sealing:

The inclusion of T bolts in the closure design ensures a robust sealing mechanism. This feature guarantees that the housing remains tightly sealed, safeguarding the internal components from dust, water, and other potential contaminants.