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  • Provide the perfect solutions for the protection of fiber splice points from the environment and for the cable sheath fixing & cable reinforce member fixing.

  • Rated to IP 68, suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.

Features & Benefits

  • Housing is made of high quality engineering plastic (MPP) .

  • Good mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance..

  • Nut & rubber for the cable ports security and sealing.

  • Easy for re-entry with reusable rubber glands but without any extra cost.

  • Rubber grommet between cover and base is re-useable.

  • Both of the cables heath and strengthen member fastened by the integrated device.

  • The closure is a good solution for Drop Cables with multi-holes rubber glands.


Application Excellence: Unparalleled Fiber Splice Protection

1. Fiber Splice Point Protection:

The GJS-HX2207 is meticulously designed to provide perfect solutions for shielding fiber splice points from the environment. Its robust construction ensures the integrity of delicate fiber connections, making it an ideal choice for applications in aerial setups, manholes, direct burial, and wall-mounted configurations.

2. Cable Sheath Fixing and Reinforce Member Fixing:

Going beyond conventional closures, the GJS-HX2207 excels in cable sheath fixing and reinforce member fixing. This integrated approach ensures a secure and organized cable infrastructure, addressing critical aspects of cable management for enhanced reliability.

Features and Benefits: Elevating Connectivity Standards

1. High-Quality Engineering Plastic (MPP) Housing:

The GJS-HX2207 features a housing crafted from high-quality engineering plastic (MPP). This material not only guarantees structural integrity but also ensures good mechanical performance, hydrolysis resistance, and chemical resistance, making it a stalwart against environmental challenges.

2. Nut and Rubber for Cable Port Security:

Security is paramount in fiber connectivity, and the GJS-HX2207 addresses this with nut and rubber for cable ports. This dual-security mechanism ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing environmental ingress and safeguarding the delicate fiber connections from external factors.

3. Reusable Rubber Glands for Easy Re-Entry:

The GJS-HX2207 simplifies maintenance with reusable rubber glands, facilitating easy re-entry without incurring additional costs. This innovative feature streamlines the re-entry process, allowing for adjustments and modifications without compromising the closure's integrity.

4. Integrated Device for Cable Heath and Strengthen Member:

The closure introduces an integrated device for fastening both cable sheath and strengthen members. This thoughtful design ensures a secure and organized cable infrastructure, contributing to the overall reliability of the fiber optic network.

5. Multi-Hole Rubber Glands for Drop Cables:

Specifically tailored for Drop Cables, the GJS-HX2207 features multi-hole rubber glands. This design provides a secure and adaptable solution for various cable sizes, showcasing the closure's versatility in accommodating different cable configurations.

Conclusion: GJS-HX2207 – Redefining Fiber Connectivity and Cable Management

In the realm of fiber optics, the GJS-HX2207 120 FO On-Line Splice Closure emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly combining fiber splice protection with advanced cable management features. Its MPP housing, nut and rubber security, reusable rubber glands, and integrated device for cable management collectively position it as a top-tier solution for projects demanding elevated connectivity and cable management standards. Elevate your fiber network with the GJS-HX2207 – where innovation meets the demands of a connected future.