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  • IP68, Suitable for application above ground, aerial, wall or pole mounting.

Features and Benefits

  • Rated to IP68.

  • Rubber grommet is re-usable.

  • The splice tray can be held on 90 degree.

  • Cable strength member can be fixed by stainless steel and grounding provided optionally.

  • Maximum 6 splice trays and up to 144 splices for the closure.


Application Versatility: Elevating Above-Ground Connectivity

1. IP68 Rating for Unmatched Protection:

The GJS-H3304 is designed to thrive in diverse above-ground applications, boasting an IP68 rating. This stellar level of protection ensures resilience against environmental elements, making it a suitable choice for aerial installations, wall mounting, or confidently perched atop poles.

Features and Benefits: Redefining Connectivity Standards

1. Reusable Rubber Grommet: Sustainability in Connectivity:

At the heart of the GJS-H3304 lies a commitment to sustainability with a reusable rubber grommet. This not only streamlines installation processes but also reflects a dedication to minimizing environmental impact through reduced material waste.

2. Versatile Splice Tray Design:

The GJS-H3304 introduces a versatile splice tray design, capable of being held at a 90-degree angle. This innovative approach not only optimizes space within the closure but also enhances accessibility, facilitating easy management and organization of fiber splices.

3. Cable Strength Enhancement with Stainless Steel:

The closure ensures robust cable strength by employing stainless steel for fixing cable strength members. This feature provides a secure anchor, enhancing the stability of cables in various environmental conditions. Optional grounding further fortifies the closure's structural integrity.

4. Maximum Splice Capacity:

With the capability to accommodate up to 6 splice trays and a staggering 144 splices, the GJS-H3304 stands as a powerhouse for connectivity. This expansive capacity makes it an ideal solution for projects demanding a high-density and efficient fiber optic network.

Conclusion: GJS-H3304 – A Gateway to Connectivity Excellence

In the dynamic world of fiber optics, the GJS-H3304 On-Line 144FO Splice Closure emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly combining versatility, sustainability, and expansive capacity. Its IP68 rating, reusable rubber grommet, versatile splice tray design, and maximum splice capacity collectively position it as a top-tier solution for projects demanding elevated connectivity standards. Elevate your fiber network with the GJS-H3304 – where innovation meets the demands of a connected future.