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GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU)
GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU)

GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU)

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The ODU box is specifically designed for the connection of optical fiber to pigtail, offering full splice capabilities, 12 SC adapter patching, splitting, and optimal fiber management.

It is suitable for use indoors or in street cabinets, providing a versatile solution for fiber connectivity and management in various environments.


GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU): Unleashing Seamless Fiber Connectivity

The GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU) is an advanced solution meticulously crafted for impeccable fiber optic connectivity. Designed to excel in the connection of optical fiber to pigtail, this unit seamlessly integrates full splice capabilities, 12 SC adapter patching, splitting functionalities, and perfect fiber management. Whether deployed indoors or within street cabinets, the GP-T408-12SC stands as a pinnacle of reliability and efficiency.



  • Part No.: GP-T408-12SC

  • Dimension (mm): 158×204×54

  • Material: ABS

  • Inlet/Outlet Ports: 2 inlet cable ports (Riser cable on-line)

  • Suitable Entry Cable Diameter: 15mm

  • Maximum Number of Splice Trays: 4pcs

  • Splice Tray P0484: 4FO (Fusion or mechanical splice)

  • Splice Tray P0489: 12FO (Fusion splice only)

  • PLC Splitter: One 1x4 micro splitter in each tray

  • Maximum Number of Adapters: 12 SC

  • Protection Level: IP43

  • Mount Support: Wall mounting

Features & Benefits:

  1. High-Strength Engineering Alloy Plastic:

    • The GP-T408-12SC is constructed from high-strength engineering alloy plastic, ensuring a durable and long-lasting service life.

  2. Slide Open-Type Structure:

    • The slide open-type structure produces a distinctive "click" sound when the cover locks in place, providing both tactile and audible confirmation of secure closure.

  3. Divided Operating Space:

    • The operating space is intelligently divided into two parts for loop-through cable and pigtail splicing, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.

  4. Book Page Flip Design:

    • The splice trays feature a book page flip design, allowing trays to stand at 45 and 90 degrees for easy access during splicing and management tasks.

  5. Maximum Adapter and Micro Splitter Capacity:

    • The GP-T408-12SC can accommodate a maximum of 12 SC adapters and is suitable for micro splitter 1:4 configurations.

Elevate your fiber optic connectivity with the GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit, a robust and versatile solution designed for efficiency and longevity. Contact us today to explore how the GP-T408-12SC can enhance your fiber optic network infrastructure.