GJS-8BR - Splice/Patch Closure
GJS-8BR - Splice/Patch Closure

GJS-8BR - Splice/Patch Closure

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The GJS-8BR is a compact fiber optic splice closure designed for outdoor applications. With dimensions of 318x195x82 mm, it features two mid-span ports for cable diameters φ7.5-φ15 mm and eight drop ports suitable for φ3 or φ8 cables. The closure includes one splice tray with an 8/16 fiber splice capacity. It supports a maximum of 16 SC adapters and is compatible with 1x8 PLC splitters, offering versatile and efficient fiber management for various connectivity needs.


Application Versatility: Where Innovation Meets Deployment Flexibility

1. IP68 Protection Rating: Unrivaled Environmental Shielding:

The GJS-8BR is engineered with an IP68 protection rating, ensuring an impervious shield against environmental elements. From aerial setups to wall-mounted installations, manholes, and direct-buried configurations, this closure excels in diverse applications, providing reliable connectivity in various deployment scenarios.

Compact Specifications: Maximizing Efficiency

1. Compact Exterior Dimensions:

The GJS-8BR boasts a compact exterior, measuring 318x195x82 mm. This thoughtful design maximizes efficiency without compromising on performance, making it an ideal choice for projects where space optimization is crucial.

2. Versatile Cable Diameters:

Designed for versatility, the closure features mid-span ports suitable for cable diameters ranging from φ7.5 to φ15 mm. Additionally, the drop ports accommodate cables with diameters of either φ3 or φ8 mm. This adaptability ensures compatibility with a wide range of cable sizes, offering flexibility in deployment.

Efficient Splice Tray Design: Streamlining Fiber Connectivity

1. Single Tray with 8/16 Fiber Optic Splices:

The GJS-8BR introduces an efficient single tray design, capable of holding 8/16 fiber optic splices. This streamlined organization enhances accessibility and facilitates maintenance procedures, ensuring the seamless management of fiber connectivity within the closure.

2. Maximum Adapters and Suitable Splitters:

With a capacity for 16 SC adapters, the closure supports a maximum of 2 trays, providing adaptability for various network configurations. Additionally, it is designed to accommodate 1x8 PLC splitters, further enhancing its versatility in handling different fiber optic setups.

Conclusion: GJS-8BR – Redefining Compact Connectivity Solutions

In the dynamic realm of fiber optics, the GJS-8BR Half Splice Closure emerges as a leader, seamlessly combining compact design with versatile specifications. Its IP68 protection rating, compact exterior dimensions, versatile cable diameters, efficient splice tray design, and adaptability for various adapters and splitters collectively position it as a top-tier solution for projects demanding elevated standards of connectivity efficiency. Elevate your fiber network with the GJS-8BR – where compact ingenuity meets the demands of a connected future.

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