Half Type Closure

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A Half Closure (or Butt Closure) excels in reliability, installability, and flexibility. Its unique side-oriented ports ensure secure and straightforward installations, offering robust protection for fiber optic splices against environmental stresses. This versatile design simplifies cable management for various applications, making it a dependable and adaptable choice for modern fiber optic networks.

  • GJS-HF96-8B - 96 FO Half Splice Closure with 8 Drop Cable Ports
    GJS-HF96-8B - 96 FO Half Splice Closure with 8 Drop Cable Ports


    The GJS-HF96-8B is a high-performance fiber optic splice closure with an outer casing made of Modified Polypropylene (MPP) reinforced with 30% glass fiber, ensuring excellent durability in challenging environments. Operating within a temperature range of -20°C to +65°C, it utilizes silicon rubber seals for both the cover and base, as well as silicon rubber seals for the ports, achieving an IP68 protection rating to effectively prevent water ingress and environmental contamination.

    Designed for versatility, the mid-span ports accommodate cable diameters ranging from φ7.5 to φ15 mm, while the drop ports are suitable for cables with diameters between φ6 and φ8 mm. The closure supports a maximum of 12124 fiber optic splices, organized efficiently across splice trays. This robust design makes it ideal for various outdoor applications, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of fiber optic networks.

  • GJS-8BR - Splice/Patch Closure
    GJS-8BR - Splice/Patch Closure


    The GJS-8BR is a compact fiber optic splice closure designed for outdoor applications. With dimensions of 318x195x82 mm, it features two mid-span ports for cable diameters φ7.5-φ15 mm and eight drop ports suitable for φ3 or φ8 cables. The closure includes one splice tray with an 8/16 fiber splice capacity. It supports a maximum of 16 SC adapters and is compatible with 1x8 PLC splitters, offering versatile and efficient fiber management for various connectivity needs.