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  • GP-T428-II FiberLock & PLC Floor Box
    GP-T428-II FiberLock & PLC Floor Box


    Our floorbox is meticulously designed to facilitate the connection of optical fiber to pigtails, offering comprehensive splicing capabilities and impeccable fiber management. This versatile box is suitable for indoor use or in cabinet installations.

    Features & Benefits

    • Constructed from brand new LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) plastic, ensuring durability and safety.

    • Equipped with a special tray designed for mechanical splice Fiberlock, enhancing performance and reliability.

    • Clear fiber function area division and organized fiber routing for optimal efficiency.

    • Includes a dedicated slot for micro splitter 1:8 in the splice tray, accommodating various configurations.

    • The splice tray can be securely wall-mounted at a 120-degree angle, even when fully loaded.

    • Adaptor holders are designed for easy installation, providing flexibility during setup.

    • The storage tray can be securely held at a 90-degree angle, optimizing space utilization and accessibility.