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  • The model is GP-T8628

  • Outside dimensions are 100mm x 80mm x 22.5mm

  • Material is plastic

  • Color is RAL9001

  • Splice capacity is 2/4 FO (fiber optic)

  • Splice method is Fusion Splice with 40-45mm sleeve

  • Adaptor type can be either 2 SC or 2 LC Duplex

  • Input cable is 3mm or figure 8 (2*3mm) with entry 3-7mm from bottom


Are you in need of a reliable and versatile fiber optic termination box for indoor use? Look no further than the GP-T8628 Fiber Optic Outlet from FMT. Designed for end-users, this wall-mounted unit is capable of handling fiber fusion, fiber cables, and pigtails with ease.

Compact and Durable Design 

The GP-T8628 boasts a compact yet robust design, with outside dimensions of 100mm x 80mm x 22.5mm. Constructed from high-quality plastic material and available in the sleek RAL9001 color, this outlet is built to withstand the demands of indoor environments.

Versatile Fiber Splicing and Termination

At the heart of the GP-T8628 lies its impressive splicing capabilities. With a splice capacity of 2/4 FO (fiber optic), this outlet can accommodate your fiber splicing needs. It utilizes the reliable Fusion Splice method with a 40-45mm sleeve, ensuring secure and long-lasting fiber connections.

Flexible Adaptor Options 

The GP-T8628 offers flexibility in terms of adaptor types and counts. You can choose between 2 SC or 2 LC Duplex adaptors, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the outlet into your existing fiber optic infrastructure.

Easy Cable Management 

Cable management is a breeze with the GP-T8628. It supports input cables of 3mm or figure 8 (2*3mm), with an entry point 3-7mm from the bottom, ensuring a tidy and organized cable routing.

Accessories Included 

To enhance your installation experience, FMT includes essential accessories with the GP-T8628. You'll receive 2 pieces of fiber splice protection sleeves and a set of 2 expansion bolts for secure wall-mounting.

Backed by FMT Quality 

As part of the FMT product lineup, the GP-T8628 Fiber Optic Outlet is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. With years of experience in the fiber optic industry, FMT ensures that you receive a reliable and high-performance product.

Whether you're expanding your fiber optic network or setting up a new installation, the GP-T8628 Fiber Optic Outlet is the perfect choice for indoor applications. Its versatility, durability, and ease of use make it an excellent investment for your fiber optic infrastructure needs.

Don't compromise on quality and functionality. Upgrade to the GP-T8628 Fiber Optic Outlet today and experience the FMT difference!