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GP-T404-12F FTTH MDU Solution Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box
GP-T404-12F FTTH MDU Solution Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box

GP-T404-12F FTTH MDU Solution Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box

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The Floor Box is purposefully designed for installation on each level of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building, catering to fiber to the home (FTTH) applications. Serving as the transition point between the riser and the horizontal cable, this box offers operators optimal flexibility in fiber management. It functions as a storage unit for both over-length and terminated fibers, while also serving as a splice point for efficient fiber connectivity within the building.


GP-T404-12F Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box: Enhancing FTTH Connectivity in MDU Environments

The GP-T404-12F Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box stands as a dedicated solution designed for fiber to the home (FTTH) applications within multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings. Installed on each level, this floor box serves as a pivotal transition point between the riser and horizontal cable, offering operators optimum flexibility and efficient cable management. With storage capabilities for over-length and terminated fibers, as well as serving as a splice point, the GP-T404-12F is tailored to enhance the reliability and organization of FTTH networks within MDUs.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Compact Design and Fiber Routing:

    • The GP-T404-12F features a compact size and rational fiber routing, optimizing space utilization and ensuring a streamlined fiber optic infrastructure.

  2. LSZH Engineering Plastic Construction:

    • Constructed with LSZH engineering plastic, the floor box prioritizes safety and durability, meeting stringent standards for material quality.

  3. Removable Cover with Screw Lock:

    • The removable cover, equipped with a screw lock, facilitates easy access and maintenance while ensuring secure protection for fiber optic connections.

  4. Dual Operating Space:

    • The operating space is divided into two parts, accommodating both straight-through and loop-through cables, providing flexibility in cable routing.

  5. Splice Tray Flip Design:

    • The splice tray adopts a flip design with an opening angle of up to 90 degrees, ensuring easy access during installation and maintenance. The bend radius exceeds 30mm, preventing fiber stress.

  6. Protection Grade IP43:

    • With a protection grade of IP43, the GP-T404-12F offers resistance against dust and water, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.


  • Part No.: GP-T404-12

  • Dimension (mm): 123×183×37 (Outside Dimension - max.)

  • Main Cable and Diameter: 3× Ø 15mm (Suitable for Riser Cable)

  • Drop Ports and Diameter: 12× Ø 3mm (Rubber Glands)

  • Splice Capacity: 12/24 FO (12-24 FO for Fusion Splice, 12 FO for Mechanical Splice)

Elevate your MDU FTTH solutions with the GP-T404-12F Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box, a purpose-built solution designed to enhance cable management, flexibility, and connectivity within multi-dwelling unit buildings. Contact us today to explore the benefits of integrating the GP-T404-12F into your FTTH infrastructure.