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  • Mini splice closure, 1 inlet 2 outlets.

  •  Suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall- mounted.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size, Mini closure.

  • Copper insert in the base for screws of the cable clamp.

  • Rubber grommet is reuseable .


Product Principles: Unveiling Miniature Mastery

1. Mini Splice Closure with Precision Engineering:

The GJS-H1203-II introduces a new era of connectivity with its mini splice closure design. Tailored for the modern demand for space optimization, this closure boasts precision engineering, allowing for a compact size without compromising on functionality. With 1 inlet and 2 outlets, it efficiently accommodates the intricate demands of modern networking configurations.

2. Versatile Applications:

From soaring aerial installations to confined manholes, resilient direct burial, and seamless wall-mounted setups, the GJS-H1203-II adapts effortlessly to diverse applications. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for projects where adaptability is key, ensuring consistent performance across various deployment scenarios.

3. Copper Insert for Secure Cable Clamping:

Elevating the closure's structural integrity, a copper insert in the base facilitates secure cable clamping. This meticulous addition ensures that the closure not only accommodates cables of various sizes but also provides a robust anchor, reinforcing the reliability of network connections in any environment.

4. Reusable Rubber Grommet: Sustainability in Action:

At the heart of the GJS-H1203-II lies a commitment to sustainability with a reusable rubber grommet. This innovative feature not only simplifies installation processes but also minimizes environmental impact. The reusability of the grommet offers flexibility for future modifications, showcasing a dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Features and Benefits: Elevating Connectivity Standards

Compact Size, Maximum Efficiency:

The GJS-H1203-II's compact size doesn’t compromise on performance. Its mini closure design ensures that even in limited spaces, the closure delivers maximum efficiency, making it an ideal solution for projects where space optimization is crucial.

Secure Cable Clamping with Copper Insert:

The incorporation of a copper insert in the closure's base enhances cable clamping security. This feature not only ensures a snug fit for cables but also provides stability and resilience, making the GJS-H1203-II a reliable choice for diverse cable types and sizes.

Versatility Across Applications:

Whether suspended in the air, nestled in manholes, buried directly underground, or mounted on walls, the GJS-H1203-II proves its adaptability. Its versatility makes it a versatile asset for projects with dynamic deployment requirements.

Sustainable Practices with Reusable Rubber Grommet:

The reusable rubber grommet is more than a convenience; it's a commitment to sustainability. By reducing material waste and allowing for future adjustments without additional components, the GJS-H1203-II exemplifies eco-friendly practices in the realm of connectivity solutions.