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  • Dimensions: 518 x Ф225mm

  • Mid-span port (Suitable for uncut cable): 2 x Ф16mm

  • Branch cable ports: 8 x Ф14.5mm

  • Splice tray (splice only): 12/24 FO

  • Splice capacity (Maximum): 12x24=288 FO

  • Splitter tray (Splicing & splitting): 6/12 splices + 1x 2:16 micro splitter

  • Exchangeability of the splice tray and the splitter tray: Support

  • Max. number of adapters: 12 SC

  • Uncut cable storage tray: 24011822mm (Inner dimension)

  • Mounting type: Aerial, wall, or pole

  • Protection level: IP68

The specifications outline the dimensions, cable ports, splice and splitter capacities, and mounting options for the closure. With IP68 protection, it is suitable for various environments and provides flexibility in fiber management and connectivity.


GJS-M5012A Fiber Optic Dome Closure: Comprehensive Fiber Management Solution

The GJS-M5012A Fiber Optic Dome Closure is a versatile and robust solution designed to facilitate efficient fiber optic installations. With its comprehensive specifications, this dome closure offers advanced features for organized fiber management and connectivity in various environments.

Key Specifications:

1. Dimensions:

  • Dimensions of 518 x Ф225mm provide ample space for accommodating cables, splices, and splitters. The size is suitable for diverse installation scenarios.

2. Mid-Span Port (Uncut Cable):

  • Two mid-span ports with a diameter of Ф16mm are designed for uncut cable entry. This feature supports the installation of cables without the need for splicing.

3. Branch Cable Ports:

  • Eight branch cable ports with a diameter of Ф14.5mm provide entry points for branch cables. This allows for the organized branching of cables within the closure.

4. Splice Tray (Splicing Only):

  • The closure is equipped with a splice tray that supports splicing operations. The tray has a capacity for 12/24 fibers, providing flexibility for various splicing needs.

5. Splice Capacity (Maximum):

  • With a maximum splice capacity of 12x24, the closure can accommodate up to 288 fibers for splicing operations. This high capacity supports large-scale fiber networks.

6. Splitter Tray (Splicing & Splitting):

  • The closure features a splitter tray that supports both splicing and splitting operations. It includes capacity for 6/12 splices and integrates a 2:16 micro splitter for efficient fiber distribution.

7. Exchangeability of Trays:

  • The closure supports the exchangeability of the splice tray and the splitter tray. This feature enhances flexibility in adapting the closure to different fiber management requirements.

8. Max. Number of Adapters:

  • The closure supports up to 12 SC adapters, providing connectivity for terminated fibers. This facilitates the integration of connectors for efficient fiber routing.

9. Uncut Cable Storage Tray:

  • The closure includes an uncut cable storage tray with dimensions of 240x118x22mm (inner dimension). This tray supports the organized storage of uncut cables.

10. Mounting Type:

  • The closure offers multiple mounting options, including aerial, wall, or pole mounting. This versatility ensures adaptability to different installation environments.

11. Protection Level:

  • With an IP68 protection level, the closure ensures a high degree of protection against dust and water ingress. This makes it suitable for challenging environmental conditions.

The GJS-M5012A Fiber Optic Dome Closure provides a comprehensive solution for fiber management, splicing, and splitting in diverse applications. Its high splice and splitter capacities, along with flexible tray exchangeability, make it a valuable asset in building and maintaining robust fiber optic networks.

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