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Optional Accessories

  • Grounding device.

  • Inflating valve.

  • Mounting kit (Aerial, wall/pole)


GJS-ME8018 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure: Robust Fiber Optic Protection

The GJS-ME8018 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure is a reliable solution designed to provide robust protection for fiber optic splicing points. With a focus on mechanical sealing and durability, this closure ensures secure and efficient fiber management in various environments. Here are the key details:

Features and Specifications:

Mechanical Seal Technology:

  • The closure adopts a mechanical seal structure, enhancing the sealing performance. This technology ensures a secure and protective environment for fiber optic splicing points.

Durable Construction:

  • Constructed with high-strength engineering plastics, the closure offers excellent mechanical performance and corrosion resistance. This design choice contributes to a long service life, making it suitable for challenging outdoor conditions.

Optional Accessories:

The closure supports optional accessories to enhance functionality and adapt to specific installation requirements. These accessories include:

  • Grounding Device: Facilitates grounding for enhanced safety and protection against electrical issues.

  • Inflating Valve: Provides an inflating valve option, which can be useful in certain installation scenarios.

  • Mounting Kit (Aerial, Wall/Pole): Offers flexibility in installation methods, allowing for aerial, wall, or pole mounting based on project needs.

Versatile Installation:

  • The closure is designed for versatility in installation, making it suitable for a range of scenarios, including aerial setups and wall or pole mounting. This adaptability ensures compatibility with diverse fiber optic network architectures.

Compact Design:

  • With a compact and well-designed structure, the closure optimizes space and facilitates efficient fiber deployment and protection. Its design aims to balance size with maximum functionality.

High Fiber Capacity:

  • The closure provides a high fiber capacity to accommodate the demands of modern fiber optic networks. This ensures scalability and adaptability to evolving network requirements.

IP68 Protection:

  • Achieving an IP68 protection rating, the closure offers reliable defense against dust and water ingress. This high protection level is crucial for maintaining optimal fiber performance in outdoor and challenging environments.

Secure Cable Fixation:

  • The closure features a secure cable fixation system, ensuring that cables are held firmly in place. This contributes to the overall stability and reliability of the fiber optic connections.

The GJS-ME8018 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure is designed to meet the demands of contemporary fiber optic installations. Its emphasis on mechanical sealing, durability, and optional accessories makes it a valuable asset in ensuring the integrity and longevity of fiber optic networks.