Home Products Fiber Access Terminal With Hardened Adapter FAT-E12 Optical Terminal Closure with 12 Hardened Adapter Ports, IP68 Protection
FAT-E12 Optical Terminal Closure with 12 Hardened Adapter Ports, IP68 Protection
FAT-E12 Optical Terminal Closure with 12 Hardened Adapter Ports, IP68 Protection

FAT-E12 Optical Terminal Closure with 12 Hardened Adapter Ports, IP68 Protection

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  • The FAT closure integrates hardened adapters, offering a cost-effective solution for optical fiber development at speeds surpassing traditional field installations. This is especially true when coupled with factory-terminated and sealed hardened connectors.

  • The closure's plug-and-play adapter ports contribute to time and labor savings during installation, eliminating the need to open the closure and splice optical fiber in the field.

  • Rated to IP68, it is versatile for aerial, wall, pole mounting, or underground installations, including ducts and manholes.

  • The E12 Optical Multi Service Terminal Closure boasts 12 ports of hardened adapters with IP68 protection, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

  • Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, it shields internal components from harsh environments. The compact design, coupled with ample space, facilitates easy wiring and assembly.

  • Each port is equipped with a high-performance hardened adapter, ensuring swift and accurate cable mating.

  • The IP68 rating ensures waterproof and dustproof capabilities, making it suitable for underground settings, humid areas, and locations requiring frequent closure opening and closing.

  • This reliable enclosure solution is designed to support robust fiber network deployment. If you require further details, please feel free to ask!


Efficiency Redefined: 12 Ports of Hardened Adapters

1. Cost-Effective Fiber Development:

The FAT-E12 closure incorporates 12 ports of hardened adapters, providing a cost-effective method for optical fiber development. This innovative design, coupled with hardened connectors, accelerates fiber deployment, surpassing the speed of traditional field installations.

2. Factory-Terminated and Sealed Connectors:

Hardened connectors within the FAT-E12 are factory-terminated and sealed, ensuring reliability and simplifying installations. This forward-looking approach eliminates the need for field splicing, reducing labor costs and installation time.

Plug-and-Play Functionality: Streamlining Installation Processes

1. Plug-and-Play Adapter Ports:

The closure features plug-and-play adapter ports, streamlining installation processes. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need to open the closure and splice optical fibers in the field during expansions, saving valuable time and reducing labor costs.

Robust IP68 Protection: Excelling in Outdoor Applications

1. Resilient IP68 Rating:

Engineered with an IP68 protection level, the FAT-E12 closure is tailor-made for outdoor applications. Its waterproof and dustproof design ensures optimal performance in underground settings, humid areas, and locations that require frequent open/close of the closure.

2. Corrosion-Resistant Materials:

Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, the enclosure protects internal components from harsh environmental conditions. This durability ensures the longevity and reliability of the fiber network in diverse deployment scenarios.

Compact Design, Spacious Interior: Facilitating Wiring and Assembly

1. Compact Yet Spacious Design:

The FAT-E12 strikes a balance between a compact form factor and a spacious interior. This design facilitates efficient wiring and assembly, providing a user-friendly experience for network technicians during installation and maintenance.

Ideal for Varied Deployment Scenarios: Aerial, Wall, Pole Mounting, or Underground

1. Aerial, Wall, Pole Mounting, or Underground (Duct, Man-Hole):

The FAT-E12 closure adapts seamlessly to varied deployment scenarios. Whether mounted aerially, on walls, poles, or underground in ducts or manholes, its versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of network architectures.

Conclusion: FAT-E12 – Redefining Fiber Deployment Efficiency and Reliability

In the ever-evolving landscape of fiber optics, the FAT-E12 Optical Multi-Service Terminal Closure stands as a symbol of efficiency and reliability. With 12 ports of hardened adapters, IP68 protection, plug-and-play functionality, and a versatile design, it paves the way for a new era in fiber network deployment. Elevate your connectivity projects with the FAT-E12 – where efficiency meets resilience in the connected future.