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  • Compactsize: 120x70x20mm

  • Can be mountedover wall embedded or directlyover the wall.

  • Admit connectors keystone type for: RJ45. RJ11,RG6, UTP, Coaxial

  • Admit max. 2 adapters SC/APC

  • Allow to install 1 or 2 fusion protectors

  • Minimum curvature radius: 30mm

  • IP 54, suitable for outdoor wall-mounting.


Compact Size, Big Impact: 120x70x20mm Dimensions

1. Space-Efficient Design:

The GP-TR1171 boasts a compact size, measuring at 120x70x20mm. This space-efficient design ensures that the outlet seamlessly integrates into outdoor environments without compromising on functionality.

Versatile Mounting Options: Over Wall Embedded or Directly Over the Wall

1. Flexible Installation Choices:

Whether you prefer an over-wall embedded setup or a direct mounting over the wall, the GP-TR1171 offers flexibility in installation. This versatility ensures that the outlet adapts to the specific requirements of your outdoor connectivity project.

Connector Diversity: Keystone Type for RJ45, RJ11, RG6, UTP, Coaxial

1. Adaptable Connectivity:

The GP-TR1171 accommodates keystone-type connectors for various applications, including RJ45, RJ11, RG6, UTP, and Coaxial. This diversity makes it a versatile choice for outdoor connectivity needs, allowing for a range of communication and data transmission options.

Adapter Compatibility: Max. 2 SC/APC Adapters

1. Enhanced Connectivity Options:

With the capacity to admit a maximum of 2 SC/APC adapters, the GP-TR1171 enhances connectivity options. This feature caters to the growing demand for fiber optic connections in outdoor settings, providing a reliable solution for various network architectures.

Fusion Protector Installation: Accommodates 1 or 2 Fusion Protectors

1. Comprehensive Protection:

The GP-TR1171 goes beyond simple connectivity by allowing the installation of 1 or 2 fusion protectors. This feature ensures comprehensive protection for your network components, contributing to the longevity and reliability of outdoor installations.

Minimum Curvature Radius: 30mm

1. Optimal Cable Management:

With a minimum curvature radius of 30mm, the GP-TR1171 prioritizes optimal cable management. This design consideration safeguards cables and connectors, preventing excessive bending and ensuring the integrity of your outdoor network.

Weather-Resistant: IP54 Rating for Outdoor Wall-Mounting

1. Robust Outdoor Performance:

Engineered with an IP54 rating, the GP-TR1171 is well-suited for outdoor wall-mounting. This weather-resistant feature protects the outlet from dust and water, making it resilient in various outdoor conditions.

Conclusion: GP-TR1171 – Elevating Outdoor Connectivity with Compact Versatility

In the realm of outdoor connectivity solutions, the GP-TR1171 Outdoor Hybrid Outlet stands as a testament to compact versatility and reliability. With its adaptable design, diverse connector options, adapter compatibility, fusion protector installation, optimal cable management, and weather-resistant features, it becomes an essential component for robust outdoor network installations. Elevate your outdoor connectivity projects with the GP-TR1171 – where compact design meets expansive possibilities.