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  • In-line splice closure, max. 36 splices.

  • Suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.

Features and Benefits

  • Good mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance .

  • Rubber grommet is re-usable.

  • Mid-span port for uncut cable.

  • Cable strength member can be fixed by stainless steel and grounding provided optionally.

  • Rated to IP68.


Innovative Design Principles: Seamless Integration, Maximum Splices

1. In-Line Efficiency with Max. 36 Splices:

The GJS-H2201 sets itself apart as an in-line splice closure, designed for maximum efficiency. With a capacity for up to 36 splices, it caters to the demands of modern networks, ensuring a seamless and consolidated solution for intricate splice configurations.

2. Versatile Deployment:

Whether suspended in the air, nestled in manholes, buried directly underground, or mounted on walls, the GJS-H2201 seamlessly integrates into diverse applications. Its adaptability to various deployment scenarios makes it an ideal choice for projects demanding flexibility and reliability.

3. Mid-Span Port for Uninterrupted Connectivity:

The inclusion of a mid-span port for uncut cable introduces a new dimension to connectivity. This feature allows for uninterrupted cable pathways, offering flexibility and ease during installations, modifications, and maintenance.

4. Cable Strength with Stainless Steel Fixing and Optional Grounding:

The GJS-H2201 ensures cable strength through innovative design elements. Stainless steel fixation provides a secure anchor for cables, ensuring stability in varied conditions. Additionally, optional grounding further fortifies the closure's structural integrity.

5. Re-Usable Rubber Grommet for Sustainable Practices:

At the core of the GJS-H2201 is a commitment to sustainability with a re-usable rubber grommet. This not only streamlines installation processes but also reflects a dedication to minimizing environmental impact through reduced material waste.

Features and Benefits: Setting the Standard for Connectivity Excellence

Mechanical and Hydrolysis Resistance:

The GJS-H2201 guarantees unparalleled mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance. Engineered with precision, it withstands external pressures and environmental factors, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Chemical Resistance for Robust Longevity:

Chemical resistance is ingrained in the GJS-H2201's design, offering protection against corrosive elements. This feature enhances the closure's durability, making it a reliable solution for diverse deployment environments.

IP68 Rating: Unrivaled Environmental Protection:

Rated to IP68, the GJS-H2201 stands as a fortress against environmental challenges. This high level of ingress protection ensures that the closure remains impervious to dust, water, and other external factors, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity.