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Optional Accessories

  • Grounding device.

  • Inflating valve.

  • Pole mounting kit


GJS-M0039 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure: Reliable Fiber Protection

The GJS-M0039 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure is a dependable solution designed to protect fiber splice points from environmental factors. With its innovative mechanical sealing mechanism, this closure provides reliable and robust fiber management for various applications.

Key Features:

1. Mechanical Sealing Mechanism:

  • The closure employs a mechanical sealing mechanism, enhancing reliability and providing a secure seal. This ensures effective protection against environmental elements, including water and dust.

2. Optional Accessories:

  • Grounding Device: Optional grounding devices are available, allowing for proper grounding to mitigate the risk of electrical issues.

  • Inflating Valve: The closure can be equipped with an inflating valve as an optional accessory, facilitating the inflation process if required.

  • Pole Mounting Kit: For installations on poles, a pole mounting kit is available, offering flexibility in deployment.

3. Durable Construction:

  • Built with durable materials, the closure is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions. It provides long-lasting protection for fiber optic cables, ensuring the integrity of the network.

4. Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for various deployment scenarios, including aerial installations, cable ducts, direct burial, and pole-mounted setups. The closure adapts to different environments, making it a versatile choice for fiber optic network installations.

5. Efficient Fiber Management:

  • The closure supports efficient fiber management, allowing for organized splicing and protection of fiber connections. This contributes to the overall performance and reliability of the fiber optic network.

6. Reliable Fiber Protection:

  • With a focus on reliable fiber protection, the GJS-M0039 closure ensures that fiber splice points remain secure and well-protected, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

7. IP68 Protection:

  • The closure is designed to meet IP68 protection standards, indicating a high level of resistance to dust and water ingress. This makes it suitable for demanding outdoor installations.

The GJS-M0039 Mechanical Seal Dome Closure is a reliable and efficient solution for fiber protection. Its mechanical sealing mechanism, durable construction, and optional accessories make it well-suited for diverse fiber optic deployment scenarios, providing a secure and organized environment for spliced fibers.