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IP68, suitable for aerial, cable duct, direct buried, pole-mounted and provides the perfect solutions for the protection of fiber splice points from the environment, especially from the permeation of water.

Features and Benefits

  • The closure adopts mechanical sealing structure. The oval entrance is used for the sealing of uncut cable, the small ports are used for branch fiber cable and drop cable.

  • To adopt engineering PP plastic with high-strength to make the closure has longer life time and excellent sealing performance.

  • It can be installed more splitter trays and 1:8 Blockless

  • There are different drop cable elements to be chosen (Φ5- Φ9). Max. 24 pcs drop cable input/output (special Applications Suitable for bunchy fibers Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting and duct-mounting type can be customized).

  • The patented sealing structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.

  • It’s especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution and help to save the installation time and improve work efficiently.


GJS-M0025 Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure: Reliable Protection for Fiber Splice Points

The GJS-M0025 Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a robust and versatile solution designed for reliable protection of fiber splice points in various environments. With its innovative features and durable construction, this closure ensures efficient fiber management and long-lasting performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Application Versatility:

  • Rated IP68, the closure is suitable for diverse applications, including aerial installations, cable ducts, direct burial, pole-mounted setups, providing optimal protection for fiber splice points.

2. Mechanical Sealing Structure:

  • The closure adopts a mechanical sealing structure, ensuring a secure and reliable seal. The oval entrance is designed for the sealing of uncut cables, while small ports accommodate branch fiber cables and drop cables.

3. High-Strength Engineering PP Plastic:

  • Constructed with high-strength engineering PP plastic, the closure offers an extended lifetime and excellent sealing performance. This durable material ensures resilience against environmental factors and contributes to the closure's longevity.

4. Increased Splitter Tray Capacity:

  • The closure is capable of accommodating more splitter trays, providing flexibility in fiber distribution. It supports 1:8 Blockless configurations, enhancing its suitability for various optical network requirements.

5. Drop Cable Element Options:

  • Multiple drop cable elements ranging from Φ5 to Φ9 are available for selection. The closure supports a maximum of 24 drop cable input/output, making it adaptable to different drop cable sizes and configurations.

6. Patented Sealing Structure:

  • The closure features a patented sealing structure that maintains excellent sealing performance even after re-entry and re-use. This ensures a consistent level of protection for the enclosed fibers.

7. Efficient FTTH Optical Fiber Distribution:

  • Specifically designed for FTTH optical fiber distribution, the closure streamlines the installation process, saving time, and improving work efficiency for fiber network deployments.

The GJS-M0025 Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure combines versatility, durability, and efficiency to provide reliable protection for fiber splice points. Its mechanical sealing structure, high-strength construction, and innovative features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of fiber optic deployment scenarios.