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  • In-line splice closure, max. 96 splices, 2 inlets 2 outlets

  • Suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.

Features and Benefits

  • Good mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance .

  • Rubber grommet is re-usable.

  • The plastic cable clamp can adjust up and down automatically.

  • Cable strength member can be fixed by stainless steel and grounding provided optionally.

  • Rated to IP68.


Engineering Excellence: Maximizing Splice Capacity and Versatility

1. In-Line Mastery with 96 Splices:

The GJS-H2201 redefines connectivity by seamlessly integrating an in-line splice design capable of handling up to 96 splices. This high splice capacity caters to the demands of contemporary networks, ensuring a consolidated and efficient solution for complex splice configurations.

2. Adaptable Deployment:

Whether suspended in the air, situated in manholes, buried directly underground, or mounted on walls, the GJS-H2201 adapts effortlessly to diverse applications. Its versatility in deployment scenarios makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring flexibility and steadfast reliability.

3. Automatic Cable Clamp Adjustment:

Setting new standards for user-friendly installations, the GJS-H2201 features a plastic cable clamp that automatically adjusts up and down. This innovative design element streamlines the installation process, providing ease and efficiency in securing cables of varying sizes.

4. Cable Strength Reinforced with Stainless Steel:

The closure ensures robust cable strength through the use of stainless steel, providing a secure anchor and stability for cables in a variety of conditions. Optional grounding further fortifies the structure, ensuring the longevity and reliability of network connections.

5. Re-Usable Rubber Grommet for Sustainability:

At the heart of the GJS-H2201 is a commitment to sustainability, featuring a re-usable rubber grommet. This not only simplifies installation processes but also reflects a dedication to minimizing environmental impact through reduced material waste.

Features and Benefits: Elevating Connectivity Standards

Mechanical, Hydrolysis, and Chemical Resistance:

The GJS-H2201 guarantees unparalleled mechanical performance, hydrolysis resistance, and chemical resistance. Engineered with precision, it withstands external pressures and environmental factors, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

IP68 Rating: Unmatched Environmental Protection:

Rated to IP68, the GJS-H2201 stands as a fortress against environmental challenges. This high level of ingress protection ensures that the closure remains impervious to dust, water, and other external factors, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity even in the harshest conditions.