Home Products Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Box FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management
FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management
FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management
FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management
FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management

FDB-4CFTTX IP65 Rated FTTH Outdoor Fiber Management

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Explore our FDB-4CFTTX, an IP65 rated outdoor distribution box designed for FTTH projects. This cutting-edge solution offers comprehensive mechanical protection for your fiber management system, seamlessly integrating splicing, patching, and passive component functionalities.

With an IP65 rating, our distribution box is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring reliable performance in various environments. Upgrade your FTTH project with the FDB-4CFTTX and experience efficient and secure fiber management.


FDB-4CFTTX Outdoor Distribution Box: Elevate Your FTTH Project with Advanced Fiber Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) projects, the need for robust and reliable fiber management solutions is paramount. Introducing our FDB-4CFTTX Outdoor Distribution Box, a state-of-the-art IP65 rated enclosure designed to meet the demanding requirements of FTTH installations. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates splicing, patching, and passive component functionalities to provide a comprehensive fiber management system.

Key Features:

1. IP65 Rated Protection:

The FDB-4CFTTX boasts an IP65 rating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This high level of protection ensures the equipment's resilience against dust, water, and other environmental factors. Whether your FTTH project is exposed to the elements or located in a controlled indoor environment, our distribution box guarantees reliable performance in any setting.

2. Efficient Fiber Splicing:

The distribution box is equipped with advanced features for efficient fiber splicing. It provides a secure and organized platform for splicing optical fibers, minimizing signal loss and ensuring the integrity of your network. The thoughtful design facilitates easy access for maintenance and upgrades, reducing downtime and optimizing overall network performance.

3. Patching Simplified:

Streamline your fiber optic connections with the FDB-4CFTTX's patching capabilities. The distribution box offers a user-friendly interface for organizing and managing patch cords, promoting a neat and orderly installation. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your FTTH infrastructure but also contributes to the overall efficiency of your network.

4. Seamless Integration of Passive Components:

The FDB-4CFTTX is engineered to seamlessly integrate passive components, allowing for a more compact and efficient fiber management system. This integration reduces the need for additional space and equipment, making it an ideal choice for projects with space constraints. Experience a more streamlined and cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.


1. Reliability in Any Environment:

With its IP65 rating, the FDB-4CFTTX ensures reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions. Whether exposed to harsh outdoor elements or installed in indoor spaces, this distribution box provides consistent protection, safeguarding your FTTH infrastructure against external factors.

2. Enhanced Network Performance:

The efficient fiber splicing and patching capabilities of the FDB-4CFTTX contribute to enhanced network performance. Reduced signal loss and organized cable management result in a more reliable and responsive FTTH network, meeting the increasing demands of today's high-speed internet services.

3. Cost-Effective and Space-Efficient:

The seamless integration of passive components not only optimizes network performance but also makes the FDB-4CFTTX a cost-effective and space-efficient solution. Save on both equipment costs and physical space, making it an ideal choice for projects where maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses are critical.

Upgrade your FTTH project with the FDB-4CFTTX Outdoor Distribution Box and experience the next level of fiber management. Elevate your network's reliability, performance, and efficiency with this innovative solution. Contact us today to discuss how the FDB-4CFTTX can meet the specific requirements of your FTTH installation.